Being Real is Trending! 

Maybe not, but we're going to make it that way! Every business owner is an influencer. Be Inspired to create something GREAT with your Influence! Use this channel, and if you need to, take our course to guide your confidence to where it needs to be to promote your business. 


You are an influencer. Own It. 

Every business owner is influencing the world to engage and shop at their business. Owning influencer status and representing your brand is the key to confident posting. If you've ever thought, "I just can't post about myself..." THE CONFIDENT INFLUENCER is for you. 


What The Course Includes

5 Self-Paced Segments

- Break Away from What You Think Influencer Is

- Discover Your Audience and, in turn, how to talk to them. 

- Using Your Voice For Good & Business

- Protecting Your Mental Health as A Business Owner

- Blessings of Influencing 

​-Annual Access to Facets of Inspiration TV so you always feel supported and informed! 

1 Workbook (PDF Download, Print Copy Available for $50+)

More than just business...

Owning a business is hard. This course helps you take care of all the hats. 

Marketing 101

How to reach the right people who will be loyal shoppers of your business. 


How to engage and reach out to new customer bases without needing to step too far out of your comfort zone ( ie: no dancing on TikTok needed unless you want to.) 

How Much Should I Charge

Mindset is everything, but there is skill set to consider as well. How easy are you to work with? How easy are your clients to work with? What is your overhead? There's a lot to consider when being self-employed and setting your rates because undervaluing yourself from a lack of confidence standpoint strangles the business. 

Support & Resources

After you complete the 5 Workshops (lessons) and feel confident and empowered, you'll be able to connect with us for shoutouts and support AND for when the imposter syndrome tries to come back, you get a FULL YEAR of access to the courses to replay & our Facets of Inspiration TV Channel for added INSPIRATION to your life. 

Access On-Demand  

Be inspired when you want, how you want, where you want! And on replay whenever you want! 

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Simple and Flexible Pricing

Enjoy your membership by clicking on the plan that suits you best.

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This subscription gives you access to our BE INSPIRED channel for one month! This is great for when you need a quick pick-me-up or boost! Log in and find something great!  Our teachers and talks are from all aspects of business, inspiration, and topics, and the goal is to inspire you to find something new to think about. 

price option <p>ANNUALLY</p>



This subscription gives you access to our BE INSPIRED channel all the time! Our teachers and talks are from all aspects of business, inspiration, and topics, and the goal is to inspire you to find something new to think about. 

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This Course includes the BE INSPIRED Annual Subscription and all the workshops listed above. It will give you unlimited access to all of our content monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions vs. Course?

Yes! Our Facets of Inspiration "Be Inspired" Streaming Service Annual Plan is included in the Course... but if you're just looking to watch some inspirational content for you and or your business, choose a plan. If you're a business owner or manager and want to level up, choose the course for benefit & value. 

Who should enroll in the course you're offering? I mean, it's jiving for me but is it for me? 

If you own a business, run a business, set pricing for yourself in your freelance hobby, are thinking of starting a business, or just perk up your spouse who owns their own business and want to give an osmosis-style boost of support & confidence to allow for GROWTH... then enroll. Really, we just ask that children don't enroll ... Oh and pets. We found they both drool on the keys too much, causing extra drama without being able to take the "How did we do" survey.. so really what was the point? You're welcome to enroll though! 

What is included in a Be Inspired Monthly Plan?

30 ( or 28,29, 0r 31) days of access to our BE INSPIRED content channels: Marketing Minutes, Follow me to Something Great, Things for Estetheticians and access to our invite-only events. 

What is included in a BE INSPIRED Annual Plan?

Everything that is in MONTHLY but for 365 continuous days without stopping the inspiration... AND you get invites to our EXCLUSIVE events first, plus email alerts about our SPECIAL giveaways. 

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your subscription will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

The number of times that I turn on your channel and say, "Wow... yea... you're right... I needed that" is outstanding. Thank you! 

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Mallori Duvall, LE